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Some animated blueberries

I love to walk around in forests, and I´m lucky that I don´t have to walk many steps to reach it. In Sweden we are free to walk in the nature, and to pick berries, as long as we

don´t come in sight for a owners house.

Blueberries and strawberries are we´ry sweet and tasty together.

Animated blueberries

Short Story

And What´s That “Pancake In Julienne?

Ginger In Russia

We are eating luxurious pancakes at Café Imbir in Daugavpils, a city in Eastern Latvia.

Imbir (Имбирь)


Bengt lindkvist

“ginger” in Russian.

We are sitting outside on the cafe’s  cosy courtyard and enjoy all the gourmeties.

The young owner told that his mother is preparing all the food, and his wife are baking all cakes and cookies.

The French Dish

I recieved a taste of my wife’s Pankūka iekš žuljēnā ar vistas fileju, sēnēm saldo krējumu un sieru.pancake which is Pancake in Julienne, a French dish(see first image): Pancake with chicken breast, mushrooms, cream and cheese on.

Cafe´ Imbir

Bengt Lindkvist

I give thumbs up for ‘ Imbir ‘.

Short Story

How I Learned to Stop Fearing Art

I have had a similar story about fear for making something bad.

But, I think I have overcome it.

Short Story

One of the greatest artists during art history

Art Experts

cezanne_victoire-smallThroughout Paul Cézanne’s life he painted many views of the Mount Sainte-Victoire in the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence, and this beautiful work is one of them. This late art piece by him helped develop cubism. In this painting, he used 3D form to capture what he saw.

Paul Cezanne: “Mount Sainte-Victoire view from Lauves”, 1904-06 – oil on canvas,

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My Blavatar

I have just uploads a Blavatar (Icon)  that I’m proud of having made with my own hand.

And I’m Not going to pay money for any icons, or anything at all on my blog, at least not before I have upgrade to Premium

I goal is to earn money, not to lose them.