Short Story

And What´s That “Pancake In Julienne?

Ginger In Russia

We are eating luxurious pancakes at Café Imbir in Daugavpils, a city in Eastern Latvia.

Imbir (Имбирь)


Bengt lindkvist

“ginger” in Russian.

We are sitting outside on the cafe’s  cosy courtyard and enjoy all the gourmeties.

The young owner told that his mother is preparing all the food, and his wife are baking all cakes and cookies.

The French Dish

I recieved a taste of my wife’s Pankūka iekš žuljēnā ar vistas fileju, sēnēm saldo krējumu un sieru.pancake which is Pancake in Julienne, a French dish(see first image): Pancake with chicken breast, mushrooms, cream and cheese on.

Cafe´ Imbir

Bengt Lindkvist

I give thumbs up for ‘ Imbir ‘.