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Just a great day painting :)

It must take a lot of time making all these detalj.
The painting is really Great!

Citizen Sketcher

16Jun26_WaterLillies_MTL Botanical

Sometimes there’s not much to say about a painting except, wow, I had a great time with this one.

Two months ago USK:MTL was out at the botanical garden for our monthly meetup. I ended up wandering off on my own and finding this pond with some slightly out of season water lilies.

It was incredibly nice painting weather. When it’s hot and dry with a nice breeze? Perfect for my kind of wet-on-dry watercolor. The paint get’s whiny if it’s humid. On a hot dry day you can easily work in layers. Less waiting around for paper to dry.

16Jun26_WaterLillies_MTL Botanical_Detail

I feel like a dedicated painter would haul their gear out into the hinterlands and find some amazing vista. But sometimes you can just have a great day painting in a park at home. I was just having fun watching the fish, dragon flies and these cute turtles paddling around the pond.

16Jun26_WaterLillies_Spot16Jun26_WaterLillies_Spot (2)

Fingers crossed to get…

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