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Today I devoted myself to creating a drawing dedicerad  the victims after the earthquake in Italy, but also the approximately 300 works of art that were destroyed.

On the artsajt Hyperallergic I read that Amatrice was worst affected by the earthquake among approximately 70 affected cities and communities in the area.

.IN DN. KP. Junior, great earthquake in Italy, I read that houses today are built to withstand quakes on 6.2 according to the Richter scale, as that hit Italy.

           Secure the Houses and Arts

Swedens Prime minister Stefan Löfven said that he wants to send emergency aid. I’m going to email the Prime Minister and suggest that we are helping Italy to “secure” the old houses and buildings and art treasures.

Many lives, and many priceless art treasures could be saved.

Or what do you say?


One thought on “A Drawing Dedicated Amatrice

  1. Italy is plagued by unscrupulous politicians, developers and profiteers who allow buildings to go up where they shouldn’t, build schools that are unsafe, and generally abuse trust and public money. Sad but true. It goes on everywhere. Thank goodness we don’t get earthquakes here or there’d be a lot of red faces.


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