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The Worlds Oldest Tree

I was   listening on a Swedish radio   show with live stories all around the nature.

This morning It was a story from fjällen, the swedish scandic mountain range. The place was Fulufjället mountain,   and the report was telling about Old Tjikko.

The old spruce ¬†has 9500 years old roots and is the world’s oldest organism.

The old tree tells a story about hiking and survival, about 1500 years before it took root high up on the mountain, so ended the ice age.


Photo: Spruce (Not Old Tjikko)


I am full of wonder and respect for the Old  Tjikko. One day, I would like to visit  this Survivor.

Photo: Karl Brodowsky

National Geographic

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My cartoon movie-horror clown

My first animated video with music about the scary clowns.

The ¬†one in ¬†this film meets “Someone”!

The  music in this animation  is not my own Р this time.

I’m going to look at some tutorials to see how I can’t create music in iGarage in the ¬†Ipad.