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Something happened that evening, in Sweden

 Donald Trump and Sweden

Donald Trump said that something  had  happened in Sweden.
He must have read my post that evening, because on my blog I had told that I hade witnessed a hate-outbreak.
It was outside COOP supermarket in Skelleftea. A man who was passing the entrance was  yelling at the Roma beggar woman that was sitting outside,  to shut up,  after she had  greeted him with a hello.

This is an example about what happens when leaders are pointing fingers at people,  or other nations. It encourages people like the man who was yelling at the elder beggar woman.

All this only serves people’s humiliation


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A question about a bird song

    On A Morning Walk

The first Saturday in februari my wife and I was visiting the small Town Piteå in Northern Sweden.

On the morning I took a walk from our Hotel. As I was walking, I heard a bird singing very clearly. I stopped and listen. When I fond the direction for the noice, I slowly approached the place, and then I recorded it, as you can hear on the audio  down below.

My question Is: What kind of bird is it?

Short Story

A Tweet for Trump

A few days ago I tweeted this sentence to president Trump:

Restore Hope

“I Pray that you will be a free man, that helps people all over our world out of poverty and hopelessness, and restores hope”.

I hardly expect a reply, but I nevertheless hope that the man will pull people out of poverty and hopelessness.

An impossible thought maybe but I do not believe in the word impossible