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Darkglass Microfiction

Mr Darkglasses quickly took a picture, and then hurried over the bridge”. The text above Is a ‘Microfiction’ which I have published on on Twitter

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The convicted Wasp catcher

Todays cartoon is about a man that converted a flytrap in order to kill wasps. Then the police came.

You can read about what happened then on the link below, but one hashtagg is #IllegalWeapon.

Observe: You have to Translate the text from Swedish.



Look At ”IN THE CROSSWIND Trailer | Festival 2014” på YouTube


As the reporter, called ‘Donkey’, was reporting from “The Killer Storm” name Hurricane Maria, that strikes Puerto Rico, the wind made him lean to the side.

In a split of a second, a powerful force grabbed him and took him away.

The Train Station

Suddenly he found himself on a train station. A crowd of people we’re standing beside a gauge train and there were some gala zookeepers in WWII soviet soldier uniform. The soldiers were pointed their Guns at the people, threatening them.

What Is This?
They we’re all standing still, as they were Frozen.
All people were dressed in an old fashion style.

“What is this”? Donkey asked.
“Cut”! a loud voice shouted and all the people started to move and became relaxed, and some were laughing. And he saw a man, standing behind a movie camera. Another man, that stod beside him with a Megaphone in is hand, walked up to him.

Donkey Cartoon Movie

Film:. In The Crosswinds


Mr Specs Cartoon Nr 1

Mister Specs was walking towards his job. Many who saw Mister Specs walking by could find him a bit strange because he wore sunglasses even though it was cloudy. And, he was always reading on a large tablet while walking. During the walk he looked up and saw that there was Dark Clouds on the sky. He instantly took a shot of the clouds with his tablet. Then he wondered what kind of clouds that he saw and he made an online search on the word Clouds. First he heard a terrible Roar! Then he saw a reporter, name ‘Donkey’ that was standing like someone was pushing him back. He said something about Hashtagg #HurricaneMaria. To be continued When he came back to his workmates, he found that they all seemed shocked. What had happened?

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Photography: Bengt Lindkvist

I believe that laughing Is healthy, and one might say that every laugh gives you some more seconds. Especially If you laugh at wrong person.

Some say that malice is the only true happiness, but I strongly reject this.

‘Pointing’ fingers at others and laughing at them rather makes you feel ‘Sick’. And It will start the Journey towards the end of The ‘Timeline’.