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It will cost blood, sweat and tears

“It will cost blood, sweat and tears”, Churchill said on a Speech.

I saw this WWII photography on Instagram, and I was thinking about a lyric by Leonard Cohen who died last week: “First we take Manhattan, the we take Berlin”.

And it will cost fighting against evil, such as bullying, xenophopia, wall-builders and looking for trouble


Cartoon: Bengt Lindkvist







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The Skellefte Madonna


The Wooden Madonna In Skellefte.

There’s a wonderful old, fine, wooden sculpture in the country parish church (Landskyrkan) in Skelleftea. It depicts the Virgin

The Skellefteå Madonna Photo: Bengt Lindkvist
The Skellefteå Madonna
Photo: Bengt Lindkvist

Mary, and is made out of walnut on the 12th century.

It is one of the best preserved Romanesque sculptures from that period , also probably carved by artisans in West Germany. It is well worth a visit, as well as  the church.


Looking at the sculpture , I wonder how the model of this romanesque looked like by the time when it was finishen.

It was originally painted in bright colors, which 900 years has fade away.The Country Parish Church, Skellefteå The Country ParishChurch, Skellefteå


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Today I devoted myself to creating a drawing dedicerad  the victims after the earthquake in Italy, but also the approximately 300 works of art that were destroyed.

On the artsajt Hyperallergic I read that Amatrice was worst affected by the earthquake among approximately 70 affected cities and communities in the area.

.IN DN. KP. Junior, great earthquake in Italy, I read that houses today are built to withstand quakes on 6.2 according to the Richter scale, as that hit Italy.

           Secure the Houses and Arts

Swedens Prime minister Stefan Löfven said that he wants to send emergency aid. I’m going to email the Prime Minister and suggest that we are helping Italy to “secure” the old houses and buildings and art treasures.

Many lives, and many priceless art treasures could be saved.

Or what do you say?

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There Was Something On The Sky

             A few dags ago

  It was a sunny day. On the sky there were different kind of clouds. Some were low and others were very, very high.

I was working outdoor, and when I looked up to the sky, I thought I saw something in a high, detached cloud, that draw my attention.







When I later looked at the capture, I imagine that I saw something specific.

 Now I'll leave out to you to find 
if you can got any picture.

I’m not going to tell what I see, but I will do the best to answer any comments.