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I have just uploads a Blavatar (Icon)  that I’m proud of having made with my own hand.

And I’m Not going to pay money for any icons, or anything at all on my blog, at least not before I have upgrade to Premium

I goal is to earn money, not to lose them.


                      The Mass Murder In Nice

I wook up yesterday morning with the News about the mass murder in Nice. It sounded terribly, but no words can describe the terror, made by an islamistic nazi (My description).

         ……… my #Niceattack cartoon 

I read about the famous satirical cartoonist Jean “Plantu” Plantureux that had made a Cartoon with a weeping bird.

That made me inspired to make a similar cartoon. 

Un bel hommage; A “Nice” tribute.
I was tweeting this words on 
 @plantus tweet:

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Not Nice, Not #Nice

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