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A mockery V-sign

I made an #animatedmovie about when the V-sign was made into a bracket in history

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The last Welsh Prince of Wales | History Extra

It’s very interesting to read about a part of History that I didn’t know anything about. Here we meet Owain Glyndwr, that lead the Welsh in an up rise against England in the 1400’s. He started a guerilla war against the occupiers. You can learn more in the interesting TV documentary below.

Picture: Bengt Lindkvist

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Jutland wreck cartooning

Easy Targets

I made a cartoon movie to illustrate for the story below, about that Two-thirds of the Jutland wrecks had been easy targets of commercial salvage. And This is one too much.

I’m reading about It in ThePipeLine and found it very important, because It must be in the interest for coming generations to save the last untouched time capsules.

My cartoon movie:

HMS Warrior animation: