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12/05/2017 –

I have been busy for a while doing a trip to California. There my wife and I met friends who took us on a trip in their RV.
I think I got some stuff during our travelling for more episodes of Mr Darkglasses to Clone.

Photo: “Behind the waves”

The Pier at Santa Monica Beach.

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The Robot

Head Or Umbrella?

-The Robot with the blue-red head, or was it an umbrella, came walking down the street.

The red-blue headed was newly designed (guess by who), and It was trying to find word to describe itself, when It’s transmitter told that something very serious had happened on Manhattan in New York. On a Street. The last day In October 2017.

To describe itself, the robot found the name: ‘Yuleep Wilson

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Mr Darkglasses-Donkey Dream

From the author

Today I introduce the reporter Mr. Donkey, to tell a story about a dream that I had recently. But I had to change the last comic panel, and made an update.


Hemmistjaern Map

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Photography: Bengt Lindkvist

I believe that laughing Is healthy, and one might say that every laugh gives you some more seconds. Especially If you laugh at wrong person.

Some say that malice is the only true happiness, but I strongly reject this.

‘Pointing’ fingers at others and laughing at them rather makes you feel ‘Sick’. And It will start the Journey towards the end of The ‘Timeline’.

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A Time-Lapse ”October Moonlight” på YouTube

Speech To Text

Soon it will be October and it’s raining just now when I am making this text with The Help of a speech to text device on my phone.
I have a time lapse video made in October, which I actually uploaded a couple of years ago, filmed at the Skelleftea River.