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The dual V-sign a mockery of Churchill

Using the dual V sign is a parenthesis to history, and it’s nothing but a mockery to the WWII resistance movements and Churchills fight against Hitler.

Anyone that has thought about this, when badly disquised nazis are taking over. Like ‘Britain first’ or American Alt-right.

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A vote for not MeToo

Today Mr. Darkglasses have questions connected to the Hashtags: #MeToo #president #election

You will find it all in the comic strip below, that I have made.

Comic made by Bengt Lindkvist

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Mr Darkglasses-Donkey Dream

From the author

Today I introduce the reporter Mr. Donkey, to tell a story about a dream that I had recently. But I had to change the last comic panel, and made an update.


Hemmistjaern Map

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Darkglasses – Autumn Colors


Falls Pictures

– It’s fall season, and Mr Darkglasses walked out to make some photos of the Autumn colors. And, as usual, Mr Darkglasses wore he’s Dark Glasses even though It was cloudy.
He found a perfect spot to picturing, where the Wind was whispering in the leaves, and made the trees to wobble.

Mr Darkglasses took several snapshots.
Back home he put all the photographies together into animated movies. When he was done, he then put them on the line.

Autumn leaves no 1

Microfictioned version

Below Is a Microfictioned variant of the story above.

Autumn leaves no 2
“The Wind was whispering in the leaves, the perfect place to picturing”


Mr Specs change alias

Hashtagg Coeteborg

Mr Specs was walking on a wooden bridge named Ă„lvsbackabron that crosses the Skellefteälven river. He was thinking about today’s HashtaggWords. The first hashtags he found was #goeteborg #Göteborg and he found that there was a Nazi demonstration there on this Saturday.

The Dendrocopos

Then he was interrupted by an annoying drumming. When he looked up, he saw a Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major in latin). The woodpecker wore earmuffs with antenna. Very, very strange.

And the resonance of the woodpeckers peckings? Wasnt’t It like a code?


When he had crossed the single-span wooden bridge over to the district of Anderstorp It was Sunday, and he had changed the name, which was an Alias.

……. To be continued

Ă„lvsbackabron bridge