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Darkglass Microfiction

Mr Darkglasses quickly took a picture, and then hurried over the bridge”. The text above Is a ‘Microfiction’ which I have published on on Twitter

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Gregorian Nineth

. . . .


Nimbostratus sky

On gregorian nineth

-The red flags dances

Dramatic Skys

I like to capture dramatic skys, like the one I photographed on the morning.

Dramatic skys makes me think about the poor people on the Caribian Islands that just now are facing the Hurricane Maria.

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Photography: Bengt Lindkvist

I believe that laughing Is healthy, and one might say that every laugh gives you some more seconds. Especially If you laugh at wrong person.

Some say that malice is the only true happiness, but I strongly reject this.

‘Pointing’ fingers at others and laughing at them rather makes you feel ‘Sick’. And It will start the Journey towards the end of The ‘Timeline’.

Short Story

Ever Taste Green Butter?

                                                                                          The Green Butter

Visiting a friend in eastern Latvia, we were served the green butter on the picture, which is mixed with basil and a little salt.

Our friend is cultivates her own basil in a her own greenhouse. 

We have bought own basil in a story and mixed the butter in a hand blender. I dońt know if it taste different, but I can’t feel any variance to it.

Check out this creation made with #PicsArt by me at

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There Was Something On The Sky

             A few dags ago

  It was a sunny day. On the sky there were different kind of clouds. Some were low and others were very, very high.

I was working outdoor, and when I looked up to the sky, I thought I saw something in a high, detached cloud, that draw my attention.







When I later looked at the capture, I imagine that I saw something specific.

 Now I'll leave out to you to find 
if you can got any picture.

I’m not going to tell what I see, but I will do the best to answer any comments.