Short Story

Ever Taste Green Butter?

                                                                                          The Green Butter

Visiting a friend in eastern Latvia, we were served the green butter on the picture, which is mixed with basil and a little salt.

Our friend is cultivates her own basil in a her own greenhouse. 

We have bought own basil in a story and mixed the butter in a hand blender. I dońt know if it taste different, but I can’t feel any variance to it.

Check out this creation made with #PicsArt by me at

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There Was Something On The Sky

             A few dags ago

  It was a sunny day. On the sky there were different kind of clouds. Some were low and others were very, very high.

I was working outdoor, and when I looked up to the sky, I thought I saw something in a high, detached cloud, that draw my attention.







When I later looked at the capture, I imagine that I saw something specific.

 Now I'll leave out to you to find 
if you can got any picture.

I’m not going to tell what I see, but I will do the best to answer any comments.