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Follow The Follower

01/16/2018 –

Speaking the text for my Cartoon short story in my Speech to text app, the words become this : “ part following”.

However. The correct text will be this:
Todays ‘Mr Darkglasses’ is about following, made as a Microfiction. And you will find it in the comic strip below.

Hush money

Drawing, Personally, Short Story

Picture the blues

  the cinematic photo

I saw a photo on  Instagram that could have been taken from a 1940’s


Bengt Lindkvist

 Hollywood thriller. It made me inspired to make the drawing above. And I wrote this  to the owner of the Photo:

“Beautiful scenery and very cinematic shot, and you gave me an idea to use blue in my Black and White photos. What a Blues!

Istanbul Blues

The  Instagram photo was captured somewhere in Istanbul, with a woman standing near a corner with an  umbrella in her hand. and a Heavy Rain falling down.


Short Story

Did I Saw Ghostbusters?

I’ve always been interested in ghost stories. I remember when I as a child saw a theatre performance of The Canterville Ghost (I still remember that name).

 I like Ghost films, not only the film versions of Charles Dickens: ‘A Christmas Carol’ and the first Ghostbusters. 

I was going to watch the new Ghostbusters film, but after seeing the trailer for the film, I decided to avoid it. I want to be thrilled into a made well story, not just actions.

The painted drawing I made some years ago as a cartoon on a blog. One of the characters I called “The Shadow”.