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A Time-Lapse ‚ÄĚOctober Moonlight‚ÄĚ p√• YouTube

Speech To Text

Soon it will be October and it’s raining just now when I am making this text with The Help of a speech to text device on my phone.
I have a time lapse video made in October, which I actually uploaded a couple of years ago, filmed at the Skelleftea River.

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The Archeological Trail

 Winding Trail

I love to go hiking on trails that winds through the landscape This shot I made on the archeological trail near the coastal village #Jävre along the Bothnia coast in #northernsweden, 12,65 miles from the town #Piteå

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Something happened that evening, in Sweden

 Donald Trump and Sweden

Donald Trump said that something  had  happened in Sweden.
He must have read my post that evening, because on my blog I had told that I hade witnessed a hate-outbreak.
It was outside COOP supermarket in Skelleftea. A man who was passing the entrance was  yelling at the Roma beggar woman that was sitting outside,  to shut up,  after she had  greeted him with a hello.

This is an example about what happens when leaders are pointing fingers at people,  or other nations. It encourages people like the man who was yelling at the elder beggar woman.

All this only serves people’s humiliation


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Missing Children 

& Late this evening we heard a helikopter flying around near our home, close to the Skelleftea(å) river in northern Sweden.

My wife lookedi n the local News “Norran” after is something had happened, while I was filming the helicopter with my Smartphone.

“There are kids missing in the river”, she shouted.

We just have had a festival in this weekend in our town.

Now it feels sad, very sad, and my wife said that it is one Child.

Our thought and prayers goes to the parents and relatives.